Rapid Tree Care Liverpool provides a wide range of tree and land maintenance services that can be carried out at a time to suit you.

Tree Surgery

Rapid Tree Care is an expert in safe, practical tree care and provides knowledgeable advice on any aspect of tree surgery. If you suspect your tree is diseased, dead or dying, or believe it poses a safety risk due to damaged branches, contact us for a full consultation. We can deliver a professional appraisal of your tree and recommend the best solution.

Tree Felling & Removalphoto 2(11)

We know how to safely remove any tree so that you can use land in other ways, whether it be a path, driveway, garden or park. We specialise in both directional felling (removing the tree from the base) and sectional dismantling. The latter technique is often used for trees in tight or difficult-to-reach-spaces, and involves the use of tailored equipment such as roping, rigging systems and mobile elevated platforms.

Tree Crowning, Tree Pruning & Hedge Trimming

Whether you wish to reduce the density of your tree for aesthetic purposes, or your tree is obscuring a path or drive and posing a safety hazard, Rapid Tree Care Liverpool can help. We have expertise skills in a range of techniques such as crown lifting, crown reduction, and pollarding, all of which will reduce the outline dimension of the tree’s canopy and/or reduce its volume. We can engage in tree lopping, which will reduce the height of any tree or shrub, or simply thin out the branches to give it a neater, more pleasing shape.

Tree crowning and pruning is an effective way of preventing disease spreading to the rest of the tree. We are also able assist with hedge trimming and shrub cutting.

Garden Maintenance, Land clearance & Landscaping

When land is left alone for long periods of time, clearing and tidying vastly overgrown vegetation can be a hazardous task. Rapid Tree Care Liverpool has the necessary equipment to make land clearing and garden maintenance a breeze, whether you wish to clear away debris left over from a tree felling or stump grinding job, or simply wish to rejuvenate the land. By discussing your intentions for the land with us, you can have overgrowth and garden waste cleared away within your required timescale.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Most of the time a stump will be left to remain after a tree has been felled; however, in cases where the stump obscures a drive or path, poses a safety risk or is preventing a site redevelopment, it may need to be removed. We can help with our stump grinding and removal service, which uses portable, specialised equipment to grind the stump down to approximately 250mm below the surface. This is ideal if you are looking to pave over the land or lay new foundations.

When a stump has been removed, the tree’s root system will naturally die away with time. The wood chips and soil can be removed or used as garden mulch.

Emergency Callouts

Rapid Tree Care has an emergency callout service for trees that may have been damaged by adverse weather conditions or in an accident. Using our specialised equipment such as roping, rigging, lifting mechanisms and dismantling tools, we can remove the hazardous risks posed by damaged or low hanging branches soon after they occur.